Specialized broker's services

Insurance price. Long-termed experience in the credit insurance made it possible to gain much expertise and develop good contacts with insurance companies, which enables us to offer the best credit insurance prices. The price negotiated by us will be most efficient in regards to the insurance level and contract conditions.

Insured coverage. Using our expertise and knowledge, we achieve the maximum credit limits for the best possible price and under the most favourable conditions.

Additional benefits. We represent the client and negotiate the conditions that are favourable to the client, not to the Insurer. Much attention is paid to the quality of credit limits, which is why we persuade the Insurer to review the assumed risk.  

Efficient debt management. We assist in collecting the documents for the claim payment, find a solution without a legal action. In case of the disputes with the insurance company, we recommend the experienced lawyers specializing in the credit insurance.

Administration of the insurance contract. Each contract is assigned with the contract administrator, who represents the client’s interests during the insurance contract period. We evaluate the current credit insurance contracts and the client’s needs and present the most favourable offers from the credit insurance companies, negotiate the insurance conditions, inform about the changes in the contract. We consult and provide assistance in administration of the insurance contract, and we are willing to solve all problems.

Global solutions. We cooperate both with local and foreign insurance companies, therefore we can offer solutions meeting both the local, and the international companies needs. Our connections with foreign insurance companies make it possible to provide service to any international company with business activity in any country